Thursday, 18 August 2016

Living Art

I love anything that has to do  with art. I love to try out different styles and see the outcome.
But one thing i love most about art is the process of developing an art piece. When you have found your inspiration, the art flows out of you and you forget everything around you. I sometimes don´t want to leave my drawing table until my piece is complete. Yet experience has taught me that there are some pieces that are so delicate. They can not be finished in one day. They need time. And the longer you invest, the more you get attached to an art piece. In your art, you share a piece of you for the world to see. You speak with your hands, to the heart through the eyes.

This Art piece in particular means a lot to me. I created it out of all things i thought were useless in my house. Tiny pieces of material that  had come to waste over the years. I could have thrown them away, but i learnt to make something beautiful out of something worthless.. It took time and a lot of Patience and creativity as i glued each piece together. And this gave me time to reflect about my own life. How many times do we think something has no value yet all it needs, is a little patience and a make over? Another lesson i learnt was unity. When i look at all the pieces on this art piece, as individual materials, they are useless to me. But together, they actually made an art piece that made my room more beautiful. How often in life do we want to walk alone? Yet in real sense could achieve much more if we worked together.  The last lesson i learnt was recycling.  We should be innovative and see how we can repurpose things around our homes so we don´t create a lot of waste to the already over loaded earth.

I hang this Mix-media art piece right where i can look at it every day so that i don´t forget these lessons. Looking back at all the lessons my art piece taught me, i know that Art is more than just a picture in a frame or a piece that was created by a famous artist. It is full of life and lessons for us. All we have to do is listen. This, is what living art really is.

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