Thursday, 26 May 2016


London comes in  so many beautiful different ways.

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Uses of Coconut Oil

1.      Baking: substitute butter or oil in ratios 1-for-1 for most recipes.
2.      Cooking: Food will taste  little bit like coconut,
3.      Body lotion: Helps with dry skin .it feels and smells amazing.
4.      Facial moisturizer: Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial. Add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to the dab of coconut oil I put on my face and the results are awesome. This clears acne and evens out the face.
5.      Eye makeup remover: Use a cotton ball and a little coconut oil to remove it. Works better than anything else.
6.      Homemade deodorant: It actually works well as a natural deodorant.
7.      Deep conditioner for hair: slather this on all your hair and let it soak in for a few hours. Then brush it through and massage the scalp before showering
8.      Toothpaste: The coconut oil gives it a creamy consistency, which is similar to store bought (yet way better for you!).
9.      Furniture wood polish: Just pour some onto a rag and rubbed it around.
10.  Eczema: Coconut oil helps if we catch an outbreak early enough.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I love art in all it's vastness. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to draw. I love to create, I love to poetry, I love to imagine and I love to take photos.


Dreams come to you at times least expected. They take you to a world un-imagined. Beating all odds, knowing no rules, and in that one moment, you are spontaneous, you are courageous, you are doing what ever it takes, you are living.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cleanliness is better than smartness. Character better than beauty.

Let me leave this hear. Mostly for the wives who still treasure their marriages yet have unlearnt certain basics.

Hair: Try to wash your hair at least once a week (for those who sweat more, please more frequently). Do not subject your husband to a smelly head with all the mixture of product build-up, Sebum and sweat while you lay on his chest. This goes with ALL styles. Ideally I would advise every 3 days.

Arm pits: Shave these at least every 3 days. Just as the slightest hairs are beginning to show up.

Hair in the armpits + sweat = bad smell. Please don´t put on sleeveless with hair. Also try to get rid of dark armpits. Lemon helps. Nails: any woman should have filler at home. Avoid keeping nail polish on when it is damaged. Get it off and put colourless as you wait for your next pedicure.

Breast feeding: Please don´t be let your baby pull your breast just like that. This goes to those who breast feed mostly at night. Hold the baby close and the other hand should hold your breast. Gravity will overcome your breasts one day but don´t help it by being careless with those goodies.

For fallen breasts if you are not above 40, please try to help them be firm with some muscle training. Ladies: never visit the ladies without wet wipes or water. As wives we should be ready all the time and don´t subject Mr. to waiting just because you need to take a quick shower when all he needs is a quickie. Be clean at all times.

Bikini zone: those who love to trim, don´t just do bush style, try trimming in different shapes to make it an adventure for Mr. try a heart, or if you have time make a shape of the first letter of his name, google designs of shaving. Now those who love clear cut. Please exfoliate before and use new razors, moisturize after this helps keep those bumps away.

Stretch marks: at 8 weeks of pregnancy (till 6 months after birth), please start applying cream to avoid stretch marks. i heard some people like them but stretch marks mean your skin is tearing. Please save his eyes and spoil your skin. Now stretch marks may not be avoided completely, but they can be kept at a minimum.

Cracked feet and rough hands: the word here is exfoliating. This does not need a fancy beauty salon but can also be done at home. Mix salt and lotion and grab in your hands. For legs, please first do a foot bath. Never let it get that bad.

Ironing: no lady should walk with un-ironed clothes especially at home where hubby has to look at you. If ironing is a problem, there is something they call no-iron clothes. get those and you are good to go. Please don´t let hubby move out in un-ironed shirts.

Mouth hygiene: do not sleep without brushing, don´t forget the gum and tongue. use mouthwash. Flossing is important. Actually clean up after every meal. Know your healthy weight and try to maintain this.

Remember, our husbands are not out there to make you feel bad so just because they are tolerating certain things, does not mean don´t improve. Cleanliness is better than smartness. Character better than beauty. So in all that you do, love yourself for who you are. Be positive about yourself. And keep yourself attractive for your one and only. To men, nothing bits a confident woman.