Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dear Mummy

Thank you mom for bringing me into this world, protecting me at a tender age, raising me into the woman I am now and giving me all the advice I needed to make it through life.

Thank you for giving me the endless feeling of knowing that with you, I am always at home and for making it clear to me that surely, unconditional love is a reality! Thank you for believing in me even when I find it hard to believe in myself, for encouraging me, for standing by me always.

God could not have chosen a better mom for me. He saw in His wisdom that only a heart like your´s, can embrace a heart like mine to the deepest, that words can´t explain. He saw how safe I would feel with you in my life, and he knew that I could maximize my time on earth only when I had a role modal like you to look up to as a mother. In His wisdom, He saw us.

What we have, Mom, is desirable. I will never take it for granted. Because not only are you a mother, you are my best friend and sister at the same time! I could say you are my everything hadn´t I known that there is One, who gave us this. He is our everything. You are so cool, young, fun and full of life and I enjoy spending time with you. I love the fact that we talk about everything and can do anything together. Thanks for the trust you put in me. You have raised me with the best of morals, and yet given me chance to explore my world and fly. With warmth, you showed me the right path which I will not dare leave. And I know, you are an opportunity, that not many have, and I treasure you with all my heart.

Am really grateful for this day because this day! Is my mother´s day! My birthday is the day I celebrate you. I secretly wish it were the other way round, that all the birthday wishes could come to you because surely, you did the work and I would not be here hadn´t it been for you. If motherhood was a job, you would be better than a specialist or professor!  Today is the day where your role as a mother to me started and you have been so faithful to it, night and day for 23 years! And you have never grown tired of it. You have always been the best at it as long as I can remember. And I pray that when the time is right, I can be a mother to my kids like you have been a mother to me! For you are my inspiration.

dedicated to my mother

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

You are One

When you enter into marriage, you begin it with your spouse, just the two of you. And fact is unless you separate or die, you will end it just the two of you.