Thursday, 21 April 2016

My name is Mimi Ronilla,one the lovely afternoon born in Kampala Uganda. 

Am a born again Christian with a passion to draw closer and closer to God with every breath i take.

My hobbies are creating art, singing, dancing, touring, shelling, making jewelry, writing, reading and organising stuff. I am finding myself and thus find that i am dropping certain hobbies as i pick up others. my newest found activity of pleasure is taking photos. When i was younger, i loved having photos of me taken, but now, i get satisfaction seeing how i could capture a moment behind a camera.  There seems to be so many moments and wonderful photos to take and hang as art pieces of God´s wonderful creation.

I find that as i grow, i am getting a passion to live as naturally as i possibly can. So am in the transitioning process in all aspects of my body care and feeding pattern. My goal is to have the healthy body God created me to have and feel good. I also want to avoid any future conditions that may result from pour feeding and lifestyle. Of course i have not perfected my regime as i am just starting out and researching here and there for ways that have been proven to work and healthy for my life as a whole.

Of course, seeing that writing is still one of my best hobbies, i decided to have a blog. This is actually for me, but i figured maybe some day, when i am gone to live with my father, someone will read this and be inspired. But also to have a glimpse of who the inner me was. Isn´t it amazing how a soul can pour out in a writing? haha, let me leave that for a blog i will write about writing in the near future. This blog is just a mixture of everything that i love and cherish, so sit back, relax, and read yourself away. Thanks a lot.

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